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Strategic Communication

At our company, we specialize in making complex information and science accessible to a wide range of audiences. We use a variety of communication methods to ensure that everyone can understand and engage with the content we create. Whether you're a scientist or just someone who's curious about the world around you, we are here to help you learn grow.

Why Better AI in Plant Pathogen Management?

A snapshot presentation on the importance of studying feedback in AI-assisted decision-making in plant pathogen management. Presented to a general audience during Science Media SAVVY Express workshop at He Pito Mata 2023,. 

Towards Efficacy: Ontario’s Resource Recovery

This presentation assesses how Ontario’s Waste Sectoral Regulatory Regime (WSRR) can be strengthened to actively enforce the “full” producer responsibility model blue box program at the municipal level in Ontario. The study’s findings also informs research on enabling political agency of producers towards efficacy of the recycled waste program. Presentation has been included in Continuous Professional Learning at Canadian Institute of Planners.

This presentation presents five key impacts of COVID-19 on rural employment and provides six considerations for the future of rural workforce development and employment. Presented at Canadian Rural Revitalisation Conference by Rural Policy Learning Commons.

Transitioning from Student to Leader:  The Crucial Relevance and Art of Learning, Unlearning and Re-learning

Speech presented at the Stockholm Concert Hall, where Nobel Peace Prizes are awarded and where the Swedish Institute Network for Future Global Leaders receive their diploma. I broke down a learning or growth mindset drawing lessons from my first international education experience as a 23 year old black African girl. The growth mindset has been identified as essential for enabling innovation and creative problem solving in teams through collaborative leadership.

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