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Your Privacy Matters

Lasr updated: 12 July 2024

This Privacy Policy covers Beyond3Generations' activities involving the collection, use, disclosure, and other processing of personal information, which will be related to responding to your requests and providing you with online courses.

The domain is operated through the Wix platform, our website provider (their privacy policy). The domain is operated through link.tree ( their privacy policy). Our newsletter domain  is operated through LinkedIn ( their privacy policy ).


 Payments are processed through Stripe for credit card payments (their privacy policy). The payment details are transferred to Xero (their privacy policy).

1. About us

We are Beyond3Generations, a legal entity based in New Zealand, and you can contact us at any time for any matter related to this Policy at

We are committed to the use of personal information in a reasonable and responsible manner and will not collect, retain, use, or disclose personal information for any purpose other than those described in this Policy. We will not collect more information than is needed to accomplish the purposes described in this Policy and will not retain any information collected longer than is necessary to fulfill those purposes.

2. What personal information we collect and use

We will collect information that you share with us (e.g., name, email address, phone number, address, why you chose a service and wether you want to work with us) to answer your request. When you register for a service or product Wix will request your email, a login name, and a password. When paying for a service with credit card, this data will be collected and processed by Stripe. Wix will automatically collect information related to how you progress with our services.

As a rule, we obtain personal information directly from you. In limited situations, we also use information we observe about you. This happens when you visit our website, if you accept cookies (see our cookie policy for more details).

3. Why and how we use your personal information

We use this personal information to answer your requests and to provide you with the courses for which you register.

4. Who has access to your data

Our services are provided through Wix, Calendly, LinkedIn and Linktree and service payments are processed by Stripe and Xero (for credit cards) .

We will share your information with authorities only if the law requires us to.

5. Retention

We only keep your data for as long as you want to hear from us and stay connected to our work. If you send us a request (e.g., if you ask to receive discount coupons when new courses launch or to receive job opportunities), we will keep your email address until you decide to unsubscribe. If you join one of our courses, we will keep your user account information as long as you maintain a courses account with us on Wix . If you request to delete your account (you can use this email, we will erase your data from the Beyond3Generations database.

6. Rights

If you are based in the EU or EEA and interact with us, the processing of your personal data (or personal information) may fall under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  You have the right to obtain access, rectification, erasure, restriction of personal data, portability of personal data, and to object to the processing under the conditions and restrictions laid out in the GDPR. You can also withdraw your consent at any time when processing is based on consent.

7. Legal bases and purposes

We are the controller of the processing of personal data in relation to conducting our activity. We process your personal data:

  • on the basis of your consent when you request to subscribe to our newsletter, receive job opportunities or information on courses and book club meetings, or when you send us a request through our website.

  • on the basis of performance of contract when you provide us with information to register for one of our courses and when you attend these courses.

8. Contact us

You can send us an email at with any request you may have regarding this Policy.

If we make any material changes to our privacy policy, we will notify you through your email.

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