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Ethics by Design for Collaborative AI in Education : May 2022 - Dec 2023

Ethical AI involves developing and using AI systems that are guided by ethical principles, ensuring transparency, accountability, fairness, and avoiding biases and discrimination. It also considers the potential social and environmental impacts of AI and takes steps to mitigate negative effects. To consider ethics by design, we focused on fairness, trust, human centeredness, human oversight and good representation of the problem. This helped us to get a shared understanding of these issues, feedback and an AI system against OECD.AI principles for Responsible AI. Victoria Agyepong led the design and delivery of the human-centered creative problem solving workshop, AI Feedback literacy lightening session, presented the findings in Australia and submitted a journal article to the Behaviour and Information Technology Journal. Next steps of the research focuses on the assessment of human cultural contingencies that influence the accuracy of AI tools. The proposal for this research was developed by Victoria Agyepong.

Research Team include:

Victoria Agyepong ( Lead)

Dr. William Godsoe ( also supervisor)

Dr. Emma Sharp 

Dr. Kwasi Adusei-Fosu

Dr. Celine Cattoen

Dr. Franca Angela Buelow

Mrs. Kristin T. Wilson

Dr. Mubashir Qasim

Prof. Gina Grimshaw

Prof. Claire Postlewaithe

AI & Emerging Technologies

Approaches to AI feedback in Aotearoa’s plant pathogen management

Conference paper for Australasian Agri-Food Research Network Conference

Screenshot 2024-02-17 091750.png

AI & Emerging Technologies

Let's Play An AI Feedback Game

Lightening session at Te Punaha Matatini Annual Hui 2023 to provide literacy on how  feedback is generated and spread during human interactions with AI systems. Session was attended by 100+ experts, students and professionals across Aotearoa.

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AI & Emerging Technologies

AI Feedback Loops in Aotearoa New Zealand: A Human-centered Creative Problem - Solving Approach

Preprint of Journal article submitted for publication in high refereed journal


AI & Emerging Technologies

Better AI workshop

Using Groupmap and in-person stakeholder engagement to elicit understanding of AI feedback loops in Aotearoa

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