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Today I reached 50 facebook reels!

Recently, I returned to Canada. After 25 hours, I switched from warm to cold.

As, I participated in the oath ceremony, I could not stop reminiscing how awesome and unique my immigration journey has been. Simply, a journey of perseverance.

The exciting part was meeting with old friends, mentees and family thriving as snowbirds. I found that making my business more than commerce and focusing on impact is fulfilling!

The most exciting part was participating in black history month to raise the Ghana flag at the City of Guelph for the first time. It was also awesome to participate in Community Service in Guelph again , eat some good food and to show the world how important and easy it can be to contribute to community development in your new home. Even more, sharing how new immigrant participation in community service enables belonging. A symbiotic relationship that can only happen by individual initiative. I truly miss this. So having the opportunity to do this again was very special.

In the end , I sang again after a long time of barely singing. Enjoy :)

Why am I sharing this? Never stop doing what makes you happy. It is the fuel that drives your creativity.

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