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My Imperfect Journey In The Perfect Little Economy

The workforce of Canada and New Zealand are aging and in need of #youngtalents . However, a lot of #youngworkers find career transitions too daunting that they choose to hide their exceptional #leadership capabilities than to explore the uncertain vast and, potentially rewarding space of career transitions.

A puzzling concern for higher education are the number of highly qualified young talents who do not consider themselves "good enough" or "strong enough" to be the difference that they envision in new communities, new countries and new regions. Most of these fears are justified by previous toxic work experiences young workers or their peers have faced.

Nonetheless, learning about how to leverage career #sponsorship, #mentorship and #continuouslearning to form one's own career success stories despite "scary" work politics offers opportunities for young workers to turn some of these stories around. #diversityequityinclusion initiatives alone without young workers' agency cannot revitalize future workforce. #gettinghired

Our Executive Director, Victoria Agyepong, shared her lessons learned from unlikely career transitions from Regional Economic Development Planning in Canada to Corporate Management in New Zealand to foster responsible agency among young workers. In her lecture, she shares how young workers can strategise their #CareerTransitions to demonstrate structural competency, emotional intelligence, manage conflict of interest and demonstrate growth mindset. Watch replay of lecture in video below.

This lecture is licensed for no redistribution or reuse for commercial or research purposes without the consent of the copyright holder.

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