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Diversity, Inclusion and Attainable Housing in Rural Small Town Areas: The Case of Center Wellington

Most rural small-town areas near larger urban centers in Southern Ontario are anticipated to increase to almost double their current population size in the next 20-30 years. This rising population has raised concerns for the attainability and affordability of quality rented and ownership housing for the working populace who are made vulnerable due to mismatched rent and work terms, low income, “too small or too large” household sizes and unattractive community development processes. Using Center Wellington as a case study, this presentation outlines how an attainable housing assessment model which factors local income trends, demographic trends, economic trends, land use limitations and opportunities as well as the operational capacity of local government can help develop an attainable housing program ( with targets ) to make rental and ownership housing more inclusive for a diverse working population in rural and small town areas.

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