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Our Mission and Vision

Beyond3Generations Limited is on a mission to enable inclusive talent development towards green and digital futures. We envision a world where resilient leadership, responsible education and smart digital solutions drive progress in complex systems.  

Our Values

​We are guided by five values.

  1. People-centered: Our services are tailored to our client's unique context.

  2. Impacts -driven: Our priority is delivering on interculturalism in green career transitions, talent development and disease management.

  3. Tatau Tatau: We solve problems through business partnerships that guarantee return on investment and delivery of our strategic objectives.

  4. Kaitiakitanga: Our target workforce contribute to carbon neutral impacts and environmental stewardship.

  5. Taunaki: Our interventions are based on statistical evidence and true stories.

Our Strategic Objectives

To achieve our mission, we prioritize five strategic objectives.

  1. Green Leadership Training: Develop and deliver training programs to foster resilient leadership skills that enable immigrants, youth and children to transition into green sectors.

  2. Digital Inclusion: Promote digital literacy and accessibility to ensure equitable participation in the digital economy.

  3. Sustainable Food Systems: Advocate for and implement practices that contribute to a sustainable food ecosystem.

  4. Digital Transformation: Work with interdisciplinary teams to integrate responsible AI principles into smart AI solutions that enhance organizational efficiency and service delivery.

  5. Responsible Education: Disseminate knowledge through newsletters and social media to educate on responsible practices in higher education.

Key Initiatives

We embark on  three (3) key initiatives in partnership with businesses to meet our strategic objectives. We intentionally work with businesses who share in our values.

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