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Since 2013, we have experienced others open their homes to enable us learn more about what transitioning our careers to  Sweden, England, Canada, USA and New Zealand could be. They were rare opportunities to cross-over from tourists to settling and thriving as high skilled talents. It is a privilege to offer that opportunity to other talents through a thoughtfully developed homestay service. Experience New Zealand with us!

Victoria Agyepong,
CEO & Co-founder at Beyond3Generations

Dr. Kwasi Adusei-Fosu
Director & Co-founder at Beyond3Generations

Victoria Agyepong,
CEO & Co-founder at Beyond3Generation

Youth Talent Homestay

Beyond3Generations Limited offers a unique short term homestay  experience, providing a safe and comfortable living environment for talented individuals looking to develop their skills or pursue a new career in New Zealand. We provide this service in partnership with educational institutions. Please contact the institutions listed to find stay with us.

Talent Homestay

We partner with Kyoto University of Advanced Science Internship Programme to host a young worker and a youth intern for 1 month to share cultures and foster cross-border partnerships towards the achievement of green futures. We are seeking more education partners in this space to support more talents! This program targets talents aged 18-30 years or pursueing their first degree.

{Kai Morrison ( an AgResearch Intern) in pictures at the Te Manawa Museum}


Proud to have worked with:

Kyoto University of Advanced Science log
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