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Rural Economic Development and Sustainable Food Systems

Our team has 6+ years of experience in collaborative projects with non-profits, government, scientists, businesses, and education institutions. We focus on rural economic development and sustainable food systems. I have experience in digital transformation, change management, and cross-departmental collaboration. I have also to regional economic development planning and policy research.


Rural Immigration: Strategies for Rural Economic Development and Labour Force Planning

Research summary

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Economic Development Policy

Food wastage in cassava sector of Ghana - Winners and Losers

Master's thesis accepted into International Household Survey Network as technical report

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Diversity, Inclusion and Attainable Housing in Rural Small Town Areas

Conference paper prepared for International Comparative Rural Policy Studies consortium 

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Employer Innovation for Newcomer Employment

Conference paper presented at Cannexus 21 Conference hosted by CERIC



Just Immigrant Transitions

Videos and articles on building resilience as a black resilient talent in small cities, rural areas and small towns



Township of Centre Wellington: Attainable Housing Strategy Background Research Paper

Background research paper submitted to Healthy Growth Committee of Center Wellington

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Rural Employment and Workforce Development: Impacts and Opportunities

Technical Report prepared for Canadian Rural Revitalization Foundation

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Leveraging Online Safety Motivation to combat Immigration Loneliness

Knowledge Transfer on Facebook


Digital Transformation

Towards Smarter Growth: Readiness and Deliberative Democracy in Mid-size to Rural areas

Conference paper presented at Rural Symposium

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