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Trustworthy AI at the Deployment Phase : Jun 2024 - May 2025

Trustworthy AI is reliable, transparent, ethical, and inclusive. It builds trust between humans and AI systems, maximizing benefits while minimizing risks. To consider privacy, accountability and transparency in AI development and deployment, I explored the role of synthetic data in enabling responsible AI principles, against legacy anonymization pitfalls  using Google Collab. In a cross-border research between Malaysia, New Zealand and  Ghana we also worked on a review paper on biosecurity threat to oil palm producing countries. I conducted the economic analysis for the paper.

AI & Emerging Technologies

Synthetic Data as the Future of AI Privacy, Explainability, and Fairness


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AI & Emerging Technologies

Review on the Fusarium Wilt Disease of Oil Palm and its Biosecurity Threat To Oil Palm Producing Countries

Article submitted to the Journal of Plant Pathology

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